Officially in love with Melissa Benoist of Glee Season 4

I admit it! I’m officially hooked again to watching Glee. After finishing the episode entitled “The New Rachel”, I fell in love with the Glee member Marley Rose after she sang Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind and Adele’s Chasing Pavements. After finishing the whole episode, I watched the part where Melissa Benoist performed again and again and again.

I even took 40 snapshots of her in my SPlayer. I really really like her. I will now watch Glee because of her. I’m officially and undeniably in love with her. She has a super angel-like magical voice that makes my heart melt. She has this perfect eyes, nose, lips, and face that will make your head turn. She’s a really great performer. If you’ve seen her in this episode, you’ll notice that she performs really well. She sings from the heart and she’s like a true newcomer who has lots of dreams and is really inspired to sing.

She acts really damn well, and she definitely made me fall for her. Now, I’ll be watching episode 1 again to see her sing New York State and Chasing Pavements.

Now, I’m excited to watch episode 2 where Melissa Benoist will sing Everytime by Britney Spears.

Below are the snapshots I took while watching Melissa Benoist perform. Hahahaha!

Yes, yes… I know. I’m in love again.


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