Google wipes out all .CO.CC domains, including itself

Too bad for .CO.CC owners, specially those who are using it as their main domain. Google recently wiped out all .CO.CC domains from its search index. Why? Because users of .CO.CC abused it. A lot of .CO.CC blogs and websites contain nothing but 100% spam, re-posted content, aggregated articles, and nothing but a bunch of gibberish data.

CO.CC is a free domain and DNS service, but without Google, it’s like nothing anymore. It’s purely useless now, unless you just want to create a private personal page.

So for those who still wants a free domain, why not get a subdomain? You’ll surely never be banned because its Google’s.

It’s really disappointing for .CO.CC owners who are providing unique and useful content, but was also banned because ALL was banned and there were no exceptions. Even if you’re the son of the richest man in the world and you’re using a .CO.CC, you’ll never by exempted from this mass ban. Tsk tsk tsk…


2 responses to “Google wipes out all .CO.CC domains, including itself”

  1. The spam was bad enough to obliterate all the sites? What would become of those with useful content? Do they get to transfer the content to a .com at least without being penalized for it?

    1. Bryan Veloso Avatar
      Bryan Veloso

      They can just replace their domain from .CO.CC to .COM or any TLDs. That is if they have access to their web hosting account. They can still use their content in a different domain. The only loss is that their backlinks from their .CO.CC blogs are gone forever. They need to start from scratch in building their website’s backlinks. 🙂

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