Excited to buy a white Playstation 3 slim 320GB

After I’ve heard from my classmates that there’s a white PS3 Slim with a whooping 320GB of juicy storage, I’m enticed to buy one for my birthday this October. I can’t wait for it to be available at eBay so that I can buy it now!

The white Playstation 3 slim was first released in Japan last month. The first one wasn’t 320GB yet. But, there’s a news that a white version with 320GB hard disk drive will be released in the United States by next month.

I’ll save up for this so that I can be the first one to own a white PS3 slim in the Philippines.

I’m also saving up to buy a 3D TV, because games by next year will fully support the 3D technologies and I’ll be 30 years behind the latest technology if I don’t own a 3D HDTV.

All 2D games will be converted to 3D if you have a 3DTV! Isn’t it amazing? I’m eyeing for a 55C8000 Samsung HDTV. The price is a bit too high right now, I’m still waiting for the price markdown. Usually, Samsung does a markdown after 6 months from the release of a specific TV series.

Just like last year, all of the 2009 TV models dropped prices from 30% to 40%. You’ll save a lot of money if you’re patient enough to wait!

Living this kind of lifestyle is really expensive, but fun! Really fun!


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