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  • Infolinks new website design launched today!

    Infolinks new website design launched today!

    If you’ve noticed, Infolinks recently launched their new website today! It now looks more ergonomic, cleaner, and of course, better than the old one. However, the user dashboard when you login is still old. I think they will also be revamping the user dashboard (or the Publisher Center as they call it) soon to complement…

  • Huge Paypal Fees in Infolinks Payouts

    I’m really really really frustrated with Infolinks because each and everytime I receive a payment to my Paypal account that is more than $10,000.00 USD, Infolinks will never pay for the fee, that’s why Paypal will be forced to charge my account a 3.9% fee when Infolinks send payments to publishers like me.