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Firefox 4.0.1 is faster than the previous version, but still slower than Chrome

Yep, that’s all that I want to say. It’s all in my blog post title. The latest version of Firefox which is Firefox 4.0.1 has a newly designed GUI and it’s a bit faster than the previous version that I’m using, which is 3.8.something. It’s cooler than before and all the plugins that I’m using in my FF Version 3.0 is still working in FF 4.0. FireFTP, FireBug, Web Developer plugin and other geeky add-ons are working just fine.

After I installed it, there’s a pop up that notified me about the disabled plugins, because they are not compatible. After I clicked check if it’s compatible, it’s all compatible! Weird huh? Anyway, what’s important is it’s compatible with Firefox 4.0.1.

I love Firefox so much because of FireFTP extension and the super useful Web Developer extension. That’s the reason why I’m still sticking to Firefox, despite the fact that Google Chrome is undeniably faster and better browser compared to FF. If Chrome has the plugins I mentioned, the I will probably switch to Chrome.