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Goodbye Daniel Hardman, Again…

Daniel Hardman
I know I know, this blog post is pretty late. I just want to say goodybye to Daniel Hardman again. Once again, he was dethroned for being number 1 in Pearson Hardman. Hahaha! He just wants to take control of the firm again, but he did it in evil ways. I knew it that Donna didn’t see the paper before. She was just surprised because it was there and because she panicked and she thought that she can protect Harvey by shredding it, she did what she think was right.


What Does My Online Reputation Say about Me?

What Does My Online Reputation Say about MeWhether you are a small business that serves a handful of people or a sizable business that has clients, here, there and everywhere, your company’s online reputation can be put in peril with just one negative comment.

Unlike decades ago when negative comments about companies essentially spread through word-of-mouth, today’s electronic version of the same thing has the potential to do much more harm. In fact, it can be the defining moment as to whether or not a company can make a go of it or not.