FoodPanda order disappeared. What to do?

If your Food Panda order disappeared just like mine, don’t panic. If you already paid for your order, then Food Panda won’t be able to help you with the refund. It’s best to contact your bank or PayPal if you paid via PayPal.

FoodPanda doesn’t care if it’s a system bug or glitch. They will just tell you that you need to wait for 14 days as the automatic refund is automatically triggered. They didn’t know that if it’s automatically triggered, it should be refunded via PayPal immediately, and to your bank in 3-4 days, if you charged the amount to your credit or debit card that was linked to PayPal.

If you paid via card directly, you won’t notice that you received a refund. You’ll only notice it after a month that you didn’t receive any refund because it wasn’t really triggered automatically.

Orders disappear if you placed an order, then placed an additional order in the SAME restaurant. This bug exists since 2017, but until now it wasn’t fixed.

An order number will be generated after placing an order, but it won’t show up in your order history and you will not receive any email from FoodPanda. However, you’ll receive a confirmation email from PayPal if you paid via PayPal.

It’s best to always pay via PayPal so that you can easily file a dispute if the glitch occured on your end. Or just use COD, so that if no order arrived, you won’t pay a thing.

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Generate SSS PRN (Payment Reference Number) this May 2020

For voluntary members, self employed, OFWs, and others that are not employed, you cannot generate your PRN anymore in the SSS website. According to (I mean,, because without www, their website won’t work, which is AWESOME!), the My.SSS system shall now only be open for employers who have been emailed by the SSS to correct invalid bank account and mobile numbers of their employees whose payouts for the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SBWS) were unsuccessful. So if you’re not an employer, you won’t be able to access your SSS account online anymore.

Their mobile apps are also down, so you cannot check your contributions, file for a loan, and do anything that you usually do in their amazing high-end website that works in IE. And also, the website is not accessible anymore.

SSS is really innovating their online presence by eliminating what’s useful. Now there’s no way to pay our SSS contributions anymore.

And…. there’s NO official announcement form SSS that this will happen.

Anyway, if you’re an employer, you can still login here:


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My Theory: Flight 828 found. Then who returned after 5 years?

So I’ve been watching NBC’s Manifest on Hulu. I just started to watch Season 1 last week, and finished watching season 2 this week. Here’s a short summary of the entire 2 seasons. Flight 828 disappeared for five-and-a-half years. Then the plane’s air wing was found by Fisherman in Cuba. Basically, the plane that returned is a duplicate plane. Maybe from the future or from the past of from somewhere. But I think they all died, and 828 passengers are clones from another dimension.

My theory is it’s a Fringe-like universe (You know the Fringe TV series starring Anna Torv). Another dimension opened, an 828 plane crashed to another 828 plane. In the main earth (or universe), the plane that went to the ocean is from another dimension, that’s what the Cuban fisherman found. The plane that went back after 5.5 years was the original plane, but somehow the souls from the other dimension died. Oh wait, now I’m confused what’s happening. I mean the flight that went back is the same plane with the same passengers, and the plane that sank in the ocean is from another universe!

Here’s another theory. They are all in a virtual reality world, like a simulation or perhaps the Matrix and the people from the real world are playing with them. 😀

To be honest, I really don’t have a concrete theory. I just need to watch Season 3! Can’t wait for the next season. >_<


ETH to Bitfinex using Smart Contracts

Do not send ETH to Bitfinex via Smart Contacts, if you’re unsure that your deposit will not be sent as part of an Ethereum contract execution, please find out for sure before sending your deposit. Most online wallets now use Smart Contacts, like You can send to another local wallet first if you know how, then send it to your Bitfinex address.

But to be very sure, just use Bitcoin or other cryptos with no issues like Ethereum has.

I just found out about this after sending a few ETH from to Bitfinex. So be careful before sending any amount. Read, and re-read the latest instructions from Bitfinex. If you’re unsure about what you have read, then just don’t send anything.

Cryptocurrency is old, but it’s still cryptic to many, just like me.

UPDATE: I just contacted Bitfinex support and they said that they can manually process the transaction but it will take days to weeks. But hey! My ETH is not gone for good!