Globe BBMAX doesn’t work anymore, until further notice

This seems to be the latest news around the web that all BlackBerry Internet Service users heard of. If you’re not using BIS a long time ago, then you really don’t care about this news. If you’re a BIS user after BlackBerry seems to be dead, then you’ll notice that BBMAX isn’t working anymore. Your e-mails can no longer be activated, you can only use your BlackBerry as a browser, which nobody really uses as BB 7.0 and older browsers suck. Globe suddenly discontinued their BB promos without prior notice.

If you attempt to register in any BBMAX services to activate your BlackBerry Internet Service, you will just receive an automated reply saying “Sorry, we cannot process your request at the moment. Please try again.”

So if you need really fast e-mails in your mobile device, just use another mobile OS like BB10, iOS, or Android, then avail of internet data service like SUPERSURF/GOSURF for Globe, or BIGBYTES/SURFMAX for Smart.

UPDATE 04/10/2015: Globe recently fixed the BBMAX issue and it’s now working again. BIS lovers, rejoice!


March 2016 Update: Chrome Dev Tools + Mobile Browser Emulator

All of a sudden, Google Chrome’s mobile browser emulator and developer tools turned to white! Yeah! It’s suddenly updated without prior notice, or even any prompt about it if I want to switch to the new emulator or stick to the old one. The old one looks like this, with grids and a layout that I’m suited to use.


Screenshot courtesy of Right now, everything turned into one, the devices are reduced, there are no network throttling options, and it’s just annoyingly neat and simple.


The rulers are also gone, I don’t know how to make it appear again. I wish I could just roll back and use the old interface. This new one sucks, big time. There are so many changes in the developer tools that I’m so lazy to explore. I love change, but a sudden change like this without prior notice or even a prompt is undeniably annoying.

My current Chrome version is 49.0.2623.87 (64-bit). Geez, I really wish I could downgrade from this version to the old one and use the old developer tools instead.
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.40.11 PM


Sony PHA-3 vs Sound Blaster E5: Comparison and Blind Test

For the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for the best portable DAC with sound amplifier that I can use with my Audeze EL-8. I’ve been searching in Youtube for a video review + blind tests, but I found none. After searching and searching and searching, I found two DAC choices that I want to buy. The $1000 Sony PHA-3 Headphone amp and the $200 Creative Sound Blaster E5 High-Resolution USB DAC 600 ohm Headphone Amplifier with Bluetooth. The price differences are way off. Sony supports up to 384 kHz/32-bit PCM and DSD (2.8/5.6) source, while the E5 only supports up to 24-bit/192kHz.

Now is there a huge difference between the 32-bit and 24-bit amplifiers? Will you notice it? That I don’t know, that’s why I’m looking for a blind test review for those two portable amps. Once I found one, I’ll be posting it here. Right now, I found nothing in the world wide web.

And oh, the FiiO E12 Mont Blanc Portable Headphone Amplifier is also a good choice if you want to listen to better music, and it’s cheaper. There’s also a $50 dollar FiiO A3 amp. Anyway, you can still listen to music even if you don’t have these audiophile thingamajigs.

Anyway, I’ll be updating this post soon once I found a comparison for both. I will also post my own blind test with my friends soon (once I already bought both, haha)

Two reviews I found in YouTube, but it’s not a comparison between the Sony PHA-3 and Creative Soundblaster E5, just two separate video reviews that might help you decide which to buy.

First video is the Sony Hi-Res Audio PHA-3 and MDR-Z7 by Woopnik:

And below is the Creative SoundBlaster E5 FULL Review by Tech YES City: