The Internet World Now Reaches The Rural Areas

This is the time of our lives wherein internet has become one of our basic needs. Internet made its way to become a necessity. Some even made the internet their source of income and there’s no wonder when the time comes that internet would be reaching the level of food and water.
Internet in Rural Areas
However, people who are living in the far flung areas are having a hard time obtaining an internet connection because most of the internet service providers are just relying on the towering transmitters. These transmitters have a limited length of coverage and are only being placed in developing communities.
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Just recently, as in very recently, to be precise, a 33 seconds ago, Godaddy has launch its brand new site design for its service marketing campaign. Nothing biggie here and it’s obviously a minor site revamp. Only the upper portion of has been changed. Maybe there will be a major update in the next few days, but as of now, the new site design is quite great. It’s neat and it feels fresh, because it’s new. Haha!
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The user consequences after acquisition

It seems that everybody is saying positive news about the recent acquisition of by We can’t deny the fact that a lot of good things will happen to all SL users after this huge acquisition. If you still didn’t know, is no more. It’s already merged with and you’re SL accounts are also merged with

Current projects at Scriptlance will not be interrupted after the data merge. As they will still use all the data in your current projects in Right now, if you recently logged in to your SL account via, you’ll notice that everything is gone. Only your username was stored.
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