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Customizing your Fluency plugin satisfies your WordPress Admin Vanity

Because I’m so vain with my WordPress admin, I decided to customize my Fluency plugin. Thanks again to Dean for making this customization easy as ABC and for updating Fluency to be compatible to WordPress 3.2. This post will not teach you how to customize your own Fluency admin, because it’s so easy to do so. Even a 3rd grader can customize it in minutes. What I want to do now is showcase my awesome WP-admin, powered by Fluency. Check out the image below:

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The Library of Congress on the web

If you’re looking for something that you cannot find in any search engines, specially Google, you can find it at the Library of Congress, of It’s a government owned website and it’s frequently updated about the latest additions in the library.

You can access digital collection at You can freely browse about the American History archives, Historic Newspapers, International Collections, Legislative Information, Prints and Photographs, Veterans History, Early Sounds Recordings, and a lot more!


PageRank Rollback: Twitter is back to PR9 & Google is now PR10

Yep, another PR update occurred a few days ago. Majority of the domains that gained PR, rolled back to their original PR. Some maintained their PageRank, and some gained a +1 PageRank after the last PR update. A few sites gained PageRank twice, but those are new sites from PR0 who gained PR2 last June 27, and promoted to PR3 last July 18.