Bing News Indexing Delay

I have noticed that there’s a slight delay Bing News indexing since last week. Sometimes, it’s a 2-day delay, sometimes a 3-day delay. I don’t know what’s the main cause of this delay, because other sites that are indexed long ago in Bing News are not experiencing this delay. Only the sites that are recently added in the Bing News index.
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Socialize in Feedburner is now gone

Have you noticed it? Or it’s just me? I just noticed this today. The Socialize feature for Feedburner is now gone. I think they have removed it for good. I didn’t read any official announcement about it and I don’t know what’s the reason why it’s removed.

Before, it’s right under Feed Count if I remember it right. Hmmmmmm? Where did Socialize go?

Anyway, Socialize is still in the Feedburner Help page of Google.

Update Dec 10, 2010: Oh so there’s really a problem with Socialize. Thanks to Reid for sharing this in the comments below.

Berjaya Hotel Manila offers the fastest free Internet Service in the Philippines

Oh yes, what I’m saying is actually true. If you check-in to Berjaya Hotel Manila, you really won’t expect that they have this ultra mega fast internet service for the price you pay because their room rates range only from $50 USD to $150 USD. Their “FREE” WiFi internet service is extremely fast! The download and upload speed averages from 20 to 25 mbps.
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SOLVED: Avatar Extended Edition Blu-ray PS3 Problem

Yes guys, it doesn’t work. I just received my Avatar Extended Edition Blu-ray disc and tried to play it on my PS3 (Playstation 3 US Version Firmware 3.50). To be specific it’s the Avatar Three-Disc Extended Collector’s Edition + BD-Live from I’m staring at my HDTV right now and it’s just plain black. I think I need to buy a new blu-ray player for this disc.
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POS Software is Changing the Way We Order Food

To make a restaurant successful during these times of fast food and fast technological advances, it takes more than good food and great service. A restaurateur must understand that people are relying ever-more heavily on technology, and the more one can integrate their business with the popular applications that people love to use, the more successful they will be.
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