Have you ever been Long-conned?

Have you ever been tricked by a long time “best friend?” Swindled? Long Coned? Just today, I realized that my long time friend is a swindler. She gained my 100%, but all went to havoc and it’s now zero. She tricked me and lured me to that blurry hole and until now, she’s still not telling the truth and admitting that everything is just bogus, fake and far from reality.

So what is a long con? A “long con” is an extended setup in an attempt to rob or cheat someone else. It usually involved an elaborate story that is executed over many weeks to months or years, aimed at convincing the target that the con artist is legitimately a friend and trustworthy resource. At the end of the long con, the con artist gets the victim to voluntarily put themselves in precisely the position the con artist wants them in.

That’s what I exactly experienced. I’ve been tricked. Oh my gracious God. Why oh why…

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3 Responses to Have you ever been Long-conned?

  1. helen says:

    hmm, i was lurking around your posts when i did a double take on this one… long conned? confirmed? this is really tough. i had been backstabbed in my office for the past 5 months by the two people i eat lunch with everyday and it stings like a thousand bees already…. this is much worse.

  2. Bryan Veloso says:

    Being long-conned is far way more different from being back-stabbed. If you’ve seen Lost Season 2 Episode 13, you’ll have a vivid idea what long con is. The etymology of “Long Con” is from that series. 🙂

    Thank you so much for taking time reading my posts.

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